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sanitize your laundry, clean cloths

We Can Do What Your Washer At Home Can't

Commercial Grade Sanitizing Detergents

Our specially formulated detergents use a sanitizing chemical that's more effective then bleach but doesn't fade your colors.  In fact it is so safe it's used in washing food.

White and light brown, warm child sweate

Kill Viruses with 180 Degree Water

The average home washing machine on the Hot setting heats to 130 degrees but water needs to be 130-150 degrees to kill viruses.  Our commercial grade washers and heaters clean at 180 degrees.

And We Make it Easy to Have Fresh, Sanitized Laundry Delivered to Your Door!

Step 1

Request Pickup

Click on link below to create an account and request your pickup date or Call 972-677-7996.

Step 2

Collect Laundry

Place laundry in 13 gal bags and place outside front door on your pick-up date.  No need to separate lights and darks.

Step 3

Make Payment

When your laundry has been processed, the credit card you provided at Pick Up will be charged.

Step 4

Open Door

2-3 days after pickup your sanitized laundry will be delivered to your door clean, folded or hung if it has a collar.

Special Sanitized Wash and Fold Pricing

*Free Delivery in the DFW metroplex, remote areas may incur fees.  Call 972-677-7996 with questions.


(Includes anything typically washed in water)

$40 per 13 gal bag

- Clothing

- Bed Sheets

- Blankets

- Comforters

- Pillow Covers

- Towels

- Table Cloths & Napkins

- Couch Covers

- Stuffed Animals

- If air dry is needed please use separate bag and note it accordingly

Dry Cleaning

(Use separate bag and note accordingly)

Blouses                         $8.00

Coats                           $20.00

Dresses: Casual          $18.00

Dresses: Formal          $35.00

Golf Shirt                       $7.00

Men's Shirt                    $7.00

Pants                             $9.00

Scarf/Shawl                   $9.00

Shorts                            $9.00

Skirts                             $9.00

Jacket/Blazer                $9.00

Suit (Jacket & Pants)   $16.00

Sweaters                       $9.00

Tie                                 $7.00

Vest                               $9.00

Woman's Shirt               $9.00

Press - Shirt                   $6.00

Press - Pants                 $6.00

Curtain Panel                $40.00

Suffed Animals              $19.00

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